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” Throwing pretentiousness out the window and always ready with a collective middle finger to be waved at convention, Las Vegas’ WICKED GARDEN aren’t bad guys – they’re just not fond of mainstream ideals. “Who wants to play the same boring songs every other band in town is playing? It’s annoying”, says lead singer/guitarist Dominick Muzio

Formed in 2011 by guitarist Shawn Trojahn simply as an outlet to play some of the favorite tunes of the 90’s, and were the ORIGINAL 90’s tribute band in Vegas- and have been often imitated since being the first to blaze that trail. The line up as it is now solidified in 2016 and began drawing crowds quickly and steadily. The band have quickly racked up now FOUR consecutive “Best Cover Band “awards from Las Vegas Weekly (2016, 2017,2018 AND 2019) and headlining slots at the city’s hottest clubs. With success on any scale comes backlash and animosity and some locals began “talking,” saying the band couldn’t write their own material after the wins in 2017 and 2018. So, they decided to prove them wrong. “It was kind of a ‘We’ll show you!’ situation.” Says Muzio

The band were signed in Autumn of 2018 to Shock Records/ Vanity Music Group and released the EP “Already Gone” in November of 2018 which was met with critical acclaim. Their first full length album “Post Dystopian Leisure Music” was released by Vanity Music Group world wide in 2019 with a number of shows thru to early summer and a tour planned for fall 2019 and into part of 2020 before the band again enters the studio to record their follow up album which they have already begun to write.

While most bands try their best to find out where they fit in amongst all the other musicians in the crowd, WICKED GARDEN has set their own path by daring to be different, and doing things their own way, just because… they can. ”

What Others are Saying About Wicked Garden:
“ FINALLY! Something FRESH that doesn’t sound like it was recycled from 1984! ”

Genie Falconer – Sin City Presents Magazine

“ While most bands try their best to find where they fit in amongst all the other musicians in the crowd, Wicked Garden has set their own path….”

Shane Bradley – WE ROCK Webzine

“ Haunting, devilish, and absolutely stunning… This band have their own style, go against the grain and set their own path for others to follow. ”

Shockwave Magazine

“Inspired by all things ‘90s rock, the band modernized their grungy sound without losing the power chords and catchy choruses. ”

Christopher Gonda- Pure Grain Audio

“ The band keeps you on your toes; track by track. You never know if you were about to get your groove on, listen to something retro, headbang to a metal guitar solo, or listening to something punky. It’s a beautiful potluck all in one album. ”

Christina Rosenfeld- ZRockR Magazine review of the band’s debut LP ‘Post Dystopian Leisure Music’

Wicked Garden are:
Lead Vocals/ Guitars: Dominick Muzio

Lead Guitarist: Shawn Trojahn

Bass / Vocals: Troy Spriggs

Drums/ Percussion: Jay Dardano

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