Myron Cotton

Indie Artists

I am Myron Cotton and I am a solo artist.

I started playing guitar when I was 22 and I grew up in the Lakeland and as a result my favorite and most common stage was the beach. During the fall, winter, and spring I go to any performance venue I can find.

I learn and create as much music as I can and have a blast doing it. I really like to move around on stage and put on a show. I am based out of Western Canada and throughout my musical journey I have experienced a wide variety of music.I was highly influenced by 3 doors Down, Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd. As you can tell from my YouTube videos I also play covers. I performed at talent shows, bars, open mic nights, the lakes, and had a blast doing it
I have 4 copyrighted original songs.

They are Devil’s Highway, Light Yourself on Fire, Angel of the Night and Summers Blues Boogie. Devil’s Highway and Light Yourself On Fire can be classified as Rock, Metal, Hard Rock ,Heavy Metal and Space Rock. Summer Blues Boogie is Blues and Angel of The Night can be classified as Aboriginal.

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