Kaivman was born in Riverside,CA and moved to Vegas with his 3 younger brothers at the age of 13. Raised in some of the poorest drug and gang infested HOODS in the CITY OF SIN he naturally developed a huge chip on his shoulder at a young age. (some say you can still see it sitting there) . Turning to guitar as an escape from the devastation and despair of the 80's crack epidemic. Which was being played out in front of the cinder block cells we all called our homes. A tendon injury derailed any chance of even being a mediocre guitarist. Dreams dashed! Stage lights slowly fades to black! Fast forward a couple years haha. The sunrise illuminates the Vegas Valley and also the soon to be unleashed KAIVMAN! Which stand for Kris's Adventure In Vegas Music And Nightlife. Exposed to the diversity of the ghettos in Vegas has obviously shaped the wide range of music, artists and genres that are considered KAIVMAN approved! Being a little(lol) hyper, loud, and sometimes annoying he Plays awesome music and has amazing guests. You never know what he is gonna say next Its KAIVMAN "FU"( For yoU ) right here on RevolutionRadio2.com

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