Indie Artists

Band Members
Steven Jackson – Vocals
James Hartman – Guitar
Corey Owens- Bass
Glenn Cwikla- Drums
Now lets see what can be said about this band?! Founded in 2016 i met these guys in 2017 when i started the Local Uprising show live. Kris Kaivman Satterfield made the introduction. If you see these guy live you will understand the heart and soul of these 4 guys. The energy these guy produce is amazing. Their full album Choice By Design is amazing Medic 22 is just WOW . being ex-military myself this means a lot and through this song we should do more for our vets.
So if you get the chance to see this band live i more than encourage you to and tune in to hear them on this very station as always leave your comments below and rock on.

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