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A Las Vegas based metal band founded in the summer of July 2013. Its genesis started with Jason Zafra and Joe Show of the thrash metal band, Babilos. They soon joined forces with two very talented guitarists, Wiljo Cruzada and Paul Alcantara.

Jason and Joe’s brutal thrash influence, Wiljo’s heavy metal riffs alongside Paul’s Satriani/Vai/Gilbert style was a perfect combination which resulted in effortlessly creating 5 original songs in just 4 jam sessions. In late August of 2013, multi-talented singer, Mhalou Diaz, joined the band. Her powerful vocals and creative melodic style complimented and completed the music of AntiTrust.

In June and July of 2014, the band made decisions to release Joe Show and Paul from the group due to circumstances beyond their control.
In January of 2016, AntiTrust acquired the world’s best kid drummer Alexey Poblete.

April of 2016, Jason came across a video of Path Juson on Facebook and requested to see if she’d like to audition. She made a powerful impact during her audition and she is now the front-woman of AntiTrust. Path is a promising young metal vocalist from the Philippine Islands and with her extensive knowledge in metal music, unrelenting growls and vocal skills AntiTrust was able to produce a new flair to their music.

AntiTrust is now a strong artistic force that does not compromise.

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