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Band Members
Paul Anthony – Vocal
Vinay – Guitar
Bruce Mayer – Bass, Keyboard
Ted Kelliher – Drums
Antehero is California’s fastest rising original band. Drawing on Progressive Rock and Alternative Rock influences, Antehero fuses soulful vocals with sophisticated arrangements to create a sound that is contemporary, yet captures the spirit of earlier renaissance periods of Rock music. The band is led by the songwriting team of Paul Gayou (vocals) and Vinay (guitar) joined by the powerhouse duo of Bruce Mayer (bass and keyboards) and Ted Kelliher (drums). Muzaic considers them “the next cult phenomena with the potential to grow to such proportions that they become mainstream”. A tall order indeed… commensurate with a hugely ambitious band.
I have known Paul Gayou for a few years and watched him grow in a couple of Vegas bands. Watching him grow as a singer has been a joy to see. His style is heartfelt and to the core his very own. If your in Cali and catch his shows you wont be disappointed. Hear Antehero’s Latest tunes here on and buy it on all the digital outlets.

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