Revolution Radio 2 reaches a very diverse audience using our online radio advertising and also through the use of social media. Our audience is broad and goes between the 18 years old of age up to 55+. Revolution Radio2 current audience is

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We have enough material to please everyone however we do focus on an audience that looks forward to engaging within the independent music world and the currently popular culture. As the word revolution self-explain; we look forward to breaking the

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Looking to increase your traffic? With the right marketing strategy and resources, we will get you there. Get on board today and we will be on it 100%. Secure your spot and be presented at least 50 times during the day and our "On-site special live broadcasting"

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Radio Audio Commercial

We produce a professionally produced 15-30 seconds audio radio commercial. Our radio commercials are optimized and radio ready.

Social Media Exposure

Our social Media reaches more people every day. Be featured on our social media channels and let's push your brand.

Affordable Air Time

We look for equal growth when it comes to servicing others. We are the perfect advertising platform and we love good brands. The representation is mutual and we love what we do.

Same Pricing

We don't charge extra for our prime times. We work hard to reach your audience and nurture your brand culture. We want our clients to see the satisfaction in our effort.

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